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ROI of web performance optimizations: Minelli increases its conversion rates


Despite regular optimizations implemented by external resources, Minelli was still experiencing slowness on its Ecommerce platform.

The teams wanted to continuously speed up the web site, especially on mobile, to save budget and improve performance in the long term. Taking advantage of the comfort of a front-end optimization automation solution, also increased its revenues.

How did they evaluate the ROI and the impact of accelerating web pages, and with what results? Answer in this Success Story.

What will you find in this case study?

Find out why trusts Fasterize to speed up its web pages and boost conversions:
  • resource and budget savings for continuous, effortless performance improvement;
  • new UI features deployed to showcase products, with optimized pages that stay fast on all devices;
  • an improved conversion rate by 16%.
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Discover Minelli's testimonial!

 “We were looking for a solution that would allow us to process speed automatically and continuously,
and ensure us that all pages on our web site would be fast, both on mobile and desktop.
Fasterize seemed like an obvious solution given its efficiency and ease of implementation.
We immediately saw an increase in the marketing and business KPIs we had set."

Marion Almairac, Digital & CRM Senior Manager - Minelli

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