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Provide us your e-mail and 3 URLs of a website of your choice

Every beginning of the month, you will receive your Speed ​​Index by e-mail.


How to fill the form? 

Choose 3 URLs from the same domain to calculate the Speed ​​Index average for this website.

How is the Speed ​​Index calculated?

The monthly average is calculated from the daily measurement of the Speed ​​Index for the 3 URLs entered, via WebPageTest for a simulated 4G connection on a Nexus5 type mobile.


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The same e-mail address allows you to receive the Speed ​​Index from a single site.
You can test as many sites as you want by using a different e-mail address for each one.

You made a mistake in your form?
No problem: fill out the form again using the same e-mail address, the wrong URLs will be automatically replaced by the new ones.