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White paper: The fundamentals of web performance
Essential techniques and best practices for a fast website



In this guide about web performance fundamentals, you'll find everything you need to know about the basic techniques for a fast site that helps you boost your conversion rates.

What will you find in this white paper?

In the Ecommerce sector, for the High Tech and Fashion markets, the loss of revenue due to pages that are not fast enough can be estimated at nearly €1.5M, and in the Furniture sector, it even reaches nearly €4.7M!
How to avoid these losses of revenue? The answer lies in optimizing web performance!
In our white paper, explore the essential levers to accelerate the loading of your pages, and discover to what extent they allow you to improve the speed:




Caching strategy 
One of the pillars of web performance


Content Delivery Network (CDN)
To bring content
closer to users


JavaScript management
To take advantage of their added value without degrading UX


Backend optimization 
For top performance throughout the chain