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White Paper : Analyse your website performance and improve your load times
Find out all you need to know about optimizing your load times.

The performance of your website is a priority for your users, your SEO and your revenues!

What will you find in this white paper?

Our experts explain the levers to optimize the loading speed of your pages, and thus offer the best possible experience to your Internet users, customers, readers, subscribers … to boost engagement and conversions.

You will learn all about the techniques for ...

  • measuring your load times : 
    • read a waterfall and take care of it,
    • evaluate your performances, with a focus on Google tools,
  • speeding up your web pages:
    • choose your hosting and cache solutions,
    • optimise your frontend ;

  • monitoring your performance over time to continuously optimise it.




Learn about the key criteria and metrics for your website's performance 

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Improve your PageSpeed, Lighthouse, and Core Web Vitals scores


Discover the best techniques for a fast website from backend to frontend