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White Paper: Essential metrics to monitor your performance

Deliver the best experience to your users to make them convert!

Find out which KPIs to use to evaluate and optimize your loading speed - an essential UX criterion - and become an expert on your site's performance indicators.

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Loading speed is crucial to satisfy and retain your customers. It not only has an impact on your conversions, but also on your SEO.

What are the metrics to monitor? How do you go about measuring and optimizing your speed? Follow the guide.

What will you find in this white paper?

You may have already tested your performance with Google's PageSpeed or Lighthouse. That's a good thing!
But did you know that these scores are calculated based on web performance metrics? And do you know which ones?

There are many web performance metrics, and they evolve regularly to better reflect the loading speed. 

You have certainly heard about the Core Web Vitals and their importance for your UX and SEO ... What about Speed Index, Time To First Byte or Time To Interactive?
What are FCP and TBT? And what about the Load Time?! 

Dive into the rich and promising world of web performance, and discover what you should measure, why, and with which tools.

Let's decipher together the KPIs you need to know to monitor and improve your loading speed, and take advantage of its impact on your revenues.




All you need to know
 Core Web Vitals
(LCP, FID et CLS),
Google metrics
that reconcile UX and SEO


Precise and accessible definitions of the web performance metrics to know, how they are calculated, what they measure exactly ...


Expert techniques
and tools to measure
your performance and optimize your speed and conversions