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Understanding the impact of loading times


Do you think that web performance only concerns IT? Think again !

All teams have a role to play: Digital, Marketing, E-commerce, etc. And the result is worth the effort since your website will then multiply the product of your efforts.

What will you find in this e-book?

The loading time of your web pages can impact all of your KPIs: your conversion rates, SEO, bounce rates, the number of page views per session, etc.
In this white paper, we will give you figures of course, but above all feedbacks, the testimony of an SEO expert, and advice to assess the speed of loading your web pages by yourself.



The impact of the loading times of your pages on your business KPIs

Data about purchasing habits of your users on desktop & mobile

Key metrics to monitor in order to analyze your web performance in a UX perspective

Best cases from
major French e-commerce
web sites