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Speed and crawl budget: TUI optimizes its UX and SEO with Fasterize 


For, the quality of the customer experience is paramount, and it obviously requires a fast site. Supported by the SEO team, web performance is a central issue for all the teams at this leading French travel company.

How did the site reduce its server response times by 75% and divide its loading times by 2? Answer in this Success Story.

What will you find in this case study?

Discover why trusts Fasterize to speed up its web pages and promote its SEO:
  • ease of implementation; ;

  • technical gains (-50% on the Speed Index on desktop, and up to -75% on the Time To First Byte);

  • relieved servers during peak loads and controlled crawl budget.
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Discover TUI's testimonial!

"Speed concerns the SEO, IT, Projects and Marketing teams.
It's a cross-functional subject that we all take to heart.
To meet this challenge, we were looking for a partner to support us, who could talk to all the internal contacts.
This is precisely Fasterize's strength, as they are able to communicate with all the teams, both technical and business."

Séverine Antoine, SEO & Online Editorial Content Manager - TUI

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